Proper placement of the pass-outs of any higher educational institution is as important as their education and training and to achieve this goal Career Counselling and Planning Centre of the University of Kashmir has been playing a pivotal role since its inception in the year 2004. Apart from placement of its pass-outs, Centre has been engaged in coaching of aspirants for various competitive examinations. Recently another dimension of counselling has been added to its mandate and academic career counsellors have been appointed in all teaching departments of the university who work under the over-arching supervision of CCPC, UoK. It shall continue to be an endeavour of top priority of this Centre to explore suitable career and placement opportunities for the youth of Jammu and Kashmir in general and the alumni of the University of Kashmir in particular.

The Centre for Career Planning and Counselling is an important institution in the University frame-work. The Centre is aimed to act as conduit between various departments and the employers represented by government, corporate world etc. The Centre is a launching platform for students to take off the flight of career building. The Centre aims at three targets the coaching, the counseling and finally the placement. All the three domains are inter-connected and supplement each other in a manner that strengthen each activity to achieve its goal.

The Centre is one of the premier coaching institutes providing classroom and distance learning coaching for various competitive exams like IAS/KAS/NEET/JEE/UGC NET/JRF/CMAT etc. The Centre started its historic journey in the year 2004 and since its inception, it has been continuously imparting exceptional coaching to its students and produce top results in all competitive entrance exams. The Centre can help one determine the outcome of their choice of career. It gives a young graduate the opportunity to consider all the factors involved in selecting a given line of career.

The Centre has also been actively engaged in creating awareness amongst its youth through organizing workshops, seminars and arranging motivational speeches of reputed public servants and social activists of the State for an overall personality and leadership development of its youth. Besides, the Centre of Training and Placement arranges and coordinates various programmes that aim at moulding the students so as to meet the industry expectations in career building and in turn bring laurels to the institution. To list few of them where our students got placed with are TCS, AMUL, HDFC, Grameen Bank, Yes Bank, Airtel Vodafone, Infosys Technologies, NIMS Dubai to name a few who have recruited through our Centre bear witness to the fact that the Centre is set to make an indelible mark amongst its various stakeholders - govt, parents, students and the like as a reputed and renowned Centre for Coaching, Counselling and Placements. The Centre is open for students to meet, to interact and to get support to build their career.  The Centre truly believes in nurturing potential through education and training.  

Prof. Geer Mohammad Ishaq